Watch out Farmville, Kno's bringing Textbooks to Facebook

Now this is clever. Adorable education / tech company Kno may not have had the best start in life, what with its large (and largely unsuccessful) dual-screen tablet and the subsequent sell-off of its hardware division. Since those dark days, Kno has reinvented itself as a software company, bringing an educational e-book store to the iPad and now opening up the market by going for the big one: any student with a Facebook account. All you have to do is add the Kno app to your Facebook profile and you get full access to the store, including the option to rent rather than buy the textbooks you need (all of which must be read in-browser). At the moment the service lacks the more interactive features common to the iPad but they're said to be "coming." What's clear is the potential such a move has, now we have to wait and see if studying can actually trump watering your pretend broccoli.