Daily iPad App: Looptastic HD

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Daily iPad App: Looptastic HD

Looptastic HD is a remixing application that lets you create new mixes using a catalog of 900 loops. The loops are broken down into individual track components including drums, bass, keys and effects. As with most mixing apps, Looptastic HD uses clips from music genres such as trance, hip hop, breakbeat, progressive house and more.

The app itself has clean interface that lets you drag and drop loops to the mixer work area as you create your mix. The mixer area is broken into three zones and you can crossfade between zones using a convenient slider. You can adjust the tempo of the music and add effects on the fly as the music is playing. A touchpad are at the bottom lets you easily toggle the effects such as stutter loop and change the effect on the different zones of the track.

Controls on music playback are familiar and include a play, pause and record button. The recording can be hit or miss as it is timed strangely and doesn't always start recording when the music starts playing. Once you get used to the timing, you can use it to save your creations as an AIff file. There's also a file save option so you can save a partially created mix and tweak it later.

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Looptastic HD is a great app for on-the-fly creation of beats and mixes. It's great for DJs and those who just enjoy mixing up loops to see what they can create. Looptastic HD is available from the App Store for US$14.99.
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