Fujifilm FinePix F600EXR packs photo navigation, augmented reality in a 16 MP digicam

GPS, a 16 megapixel CMOS sensor, 15x optical zoom -- we've seen it all before. But a feature that displays places of interest on the camera's 3-inch LCD? Well, that sounds a bit like augmented reality (AR)! The Fujifilm FinePix F600 EXR's new Landmark Navigator mode does exactly that, packing one million pre-loaded locations from around the world. Looking to find your way from Rome's Trevi Fountain to the Spanish Steps? The compact cam will point the way, including other stops along your route. You can also add your own locations, or launch Photo Navigation, which lets you easily return to places you've photographed -- or plot them on Google Maps once you get home. There's also 1080p movie capture, a 12,800 ISO high-sensitivity mode (that you'll probably never want to use), sensor-shift image stabilization, and a 24-360mm lens with an f/3.5 maximum aperture. But as you may have guessed, we're most excited about those AR features, so jump past the break for the full scoop.

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FinePix F600 EXR - the ultimate travel companion

FUJIFILM Corporation (President and CEO: Shigetaka Komori) is proud to announce the launch of the FinePix F600 EXR - a model that defines new picture-taking possibilities for a compact camera. Despite being no bigger than the F550 EXR it supersedes, the FinePix F600 EXR boasts exciting new technologies that improve the user experience and make it the ideal camera for photographers who like to travel, as well as those who simply want high quality results from a camera that fits into a pocket.

The FinePix F600 EXR uses key aspects of the specifications first seen on the F550 EXR, but adds extra functionality. The pioneering 16-megapixel EXR-CMOS sensor now features new EXR Auto with a Motion Detection capability to virtually reduce subject blur in lighting conditions. The built-in GPS functionality adds a Landmark Navigator feature to help photographers pin-point locations, and the 15x wide-angle optical zoom lens now doubles its telephoto power thanks to the new intelligent digital zoom mode. It all stacks up to make the FinePix F600 EXR a dynamic package and one that will set new standards in the premium compact camera market.
Intelligent Digital zoom pulls in the most distant details

The FinePix F600 EXR is no slouch when it comes to zoom capability. The camera features a wide-reaching 15x optical zoom, which offers the 35mm equivalent of a 24-360mm lens. This ensures that users can capture a wide range of images from landscapes through to tightly framed details.

Thanks to the inclusion of intelligent digital zoom, however, the F600 EXR's zoom range offers double the telephoto power. With intelligent digital zoom, even the most distant objects can be turned into frame-filling close-ups, greatly extending the creative uses for the FinePix F600 EXR.

Intelligent digital zoom is an enhanced digital zoom function. Cameras featuring a conventional digital zoom functionality boost sharpness during processing by enhancing the edges of all objects in the frame. However, this also increases noise in unwanted areas of the image, leading to lower quality results. Fujifilm's intelligent digital zoom assesses areas of contrast within an image and applies selective processing to the sections of the image where sharpness can be boosted without lowering image quality. This ensures that digital noise is not increased uniformly across the frame so results are much improved.
Enhanced sensor technology = improved low light pictures

The bespoke ½" 16-megapixel EXR CMOS sensor in the FinePix F600 EXR was first seen in the F550 EXR and combines Back Side Illuminated CMOS (BSI-CMOS) and EXR technologies to deliver superb results across a wide range of lighting conditions. This is possible due to the design of the sensor, which improves light transmission to boost performance, most notably in low light conditions. On the F600 EXR, however, low light results are further improved thanks to the new EXR Auto mode that now offers Motion Detection.

The new function enables the FinePix F600 EXR to tackle motion blur on three fronts with mechanical image stabilization, high ISO sensitivity and the new Motion Detection capability working together. In low light conditions with EXR Auto mode selected, the FinePix F600 EXR will automatically identify if the subject is moving. If it is, the camera deploys Motion Detection and a higher ISO to ensure the subject is captured with reduced blur. If no subject movement is identified, the FinePix F600 EXR will automatically keep the ISO lower and use image stabilization for noise reduction.

This new functionality is in addition to the EXR sensor's unique technology. Leave the operations to the FinePix F600 EXR in EXR Auto and it will select the best option to deliver a great result. But users who prefer to take more control themselves can choose from:

EXR HR (High Resolution) priority mode where the sensor utilizes every one of its 16 megapixels for the highest quality results.
EXR DR (Dynamic Range) priority mode where two images are captured and then merged together to produce superb results on high contrast scenes.
EXR SN (Signal to Noise) priority mode in which pixels are doubled up to increase sensitivity and give better results in low light conditions.

Additionally, thanks to new Motion Detection, available shooting types, come from recognized scenes and automatically optimized EXR modes, have expanded into 99 patterns in EXR AUTO mode.
Landmark Navigator – the next level of GPS

GPS tagging is the latest must-have feature on compact cameras and after introducing the functionality on the FinePix F550 EXR, Fujifilm has taken the technology further with the introduction of a Landmark Navigator on the FinePix F600 EXR.

Imagine you're visiting a city that you've never been to before. You want to be sure of taking in all the famous sites – or simply want to know where they are in relation to your current location. Landmark Navigator enables you to do just that. The FinePix F600 EXR automatically locates places of interest from its on-board database of around one million locations before displaying these points on the camera's LCD, showing their relative position, distance from your current spot and type of location depending on a range of category icons. Users can also add and edit location names.

This exciting new feature is offered in addition to the GPS functionality introduced in the FinePix F550 EXR. This includes Photo Navigation to help users to find their way back to a previously-photographed location and Tracking Data where users can create a route of their travels – along with pictures taken along that route – once they return home using Google Maps.

Great panoramic shots – seamlessly!

A 360° panoramic image of a location makes for a great memory and the FinePix F600 EXR has an enhanced Motion Panorama mode that ensures those memories are even better preserved. With the camera's 360° panoramic functionality each side of the panorama is connected so you get one – seamless – panoramic shot. No details are missed and you're assured of recording every single aspect of a location.

Good panoramic shots also rely on a steady grip on the camera and the FinePix F600 EXR's new rubber coating (Black color only) on the front plate will ensure a solid hold, as well as enhancing the overall feel of the camera. Coupled with the three-inch rear LCD with 460,000 dots, the FinePix F600 EXR all adds up to a fantastic handling experience.
Fantastic features for maximum versatility

In addition to all these exciting new features, the F600 EXR also offers a wide range of picture taking modes that make it the ideal model for almost every photographic occasion.

ISO sensitivity up to 12,800 (S mode only), a full complement of exposure modes including aperture-priority, shutter-priority and manual for creative shooting, continuous frame capture of up to eight frames per second at full resolution, Raw file format, a selection of film simulation modes and a full-featured flash are just some of the multitude of options available.

And for users preferring to capture video footage, the FinePix F600 EXR offers full HD 1080p movie capture with stereo sound and a high speed movie option for freezing fast moving action at up to an incredible 320 frames per second.
Fujifilm FinePix F600EXR key features:

16-megapixel EXR-CMOS sensor with new EXR Auto mode and Motion Detection technology
Landmark Navigator
5x optical zoom covering 24 - 360mm (35mm equivalent) plus 2x Intelligent Digital zoom
Motion Panorama 360 mode (seamless)
Rubberised body coating (Black color only)
Raw file format (RAF)
SD, SDHC and SDXC card compatibility. 33MB internal memory
P, A, S, M exposure modes for creativity plus Scene modes
Pro Low-Light and Pro Focus advanced shooting modes
Full HD (1080p) movie capture
Photobook Assist function
Film simulation modes