NL ruling on Apple vs. Samsung dispute due on 9/15, courtroom antics catalogued

Apple has succeeded in getting the Galaxy Tab 10.1 blocked from import into most of Europe -- but not the Netherlands. Today the initial proceedings in the legal dispute between the two companies there came to a close, an apparently entertaining show that saw Apple attempting to make the case that its design is being stolen. Apple presented online market research indicating that 80% of respondents found the iPad and Galaxy Tab 10.1 to be "identical" or at least "similar in general impression," a study that apparently did not impress the judge. Apple also alleged infringement from the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Ace, while Samsung, for its part, said Apple's claims were far too vague, enough so that any digital photo frame would be in trouble.

While Danny Crane sadly did not make an appearance the presiding judge still seemed rather amused, calling the various legal representatives "terriers" according to Andreas Udo de Haes, an editor at Webwereld who live-tweeted the proceedings. The judge finished by saying a ruling would come on September 15th and if indeed an injunction were coming it won't appear until October 13th. So, tablet fans in the Netherlands, know that you have at least two months worth of worry-free shopping ahead of you.

[Thanks, Paul]