Nokia N9 coming to UK and Sweden through back door

Zachary Lutz
Z. Lutz|08.11.11

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Nokia N9 coming to UK and Sweden through back door
Okay, so Nokia has made it abundantly clear that the N9 -- the company's current halo smartphone -- has no future in the US, UK, or most recently... Germany. It's quite the bum's rush for the handset that could have been Mr. Elop's shining star, but if you live in Sweden or the UK, there's still a few options. Independent dealers Katshing (for Sweden), and Expansys (for the UK), are both offering the device on pre-order. The release date hasn't been established by either reseller, but Katshing quotes a price of 5,490 Kronas ($845). Unfortunately, Expansys is remaining coy with its pricing strategy -- perhaps recognizing its new relative exclusivity. It's sad seeing the N9 fading into oblivion before its release, but if you're still pining over this sweet slab, at least these independents are watching out for you.
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