T-Mobile to begin charging overage on its 200MB plans on August 14th?

Say it isn't so! T-Mobile, flooded by larger-than-expected demand on data, may be just a matter of days away from making a polarizing change to its 200MB internet plans. As the feature currently stands, going over your limit results in a throttling of broadband speeds, forcing your browser to surf and download at a ridiculously slow pace. The rumored adjustment to the plan, however, would take away the option completely and replace it with usage charges. Each additional MB used, according to the leaked docs, will tack an extra dime onto your monthly bill. Fortunately, the overage is capped at $30 -- preventing several potential panic attacks at the mailbox -- and only affects the lower plan; additionally, anyone currently on the 200MB plan will be grandfathered, thus retaining their unlimited (albeit throttled) internet. Those on the 2GB plan can breathe easily for now, but there's no telling when the policy will spread like wildfire throughout the remainder of T-Mobile's data offerings. The change, slated to take place on August 14th, has yet to be officially confirmed by Bellevue. Meanwhile, we continue to watch as our options for limitless internet slowly fade away into the darkness.