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Audi A0 monocycle concept takes you for a jaunt around the park (video)

Segways can be tiring, what with all that required standing, but now even the laziest among us can enjoy the self-propelled fun with a sitdown solution. The Audi A0 concept, developed as a joint collaboration between Technische Universität München and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, combines an electric motor with a single, hollow wheel for a self-stabilizing, tilt-controlled stroll. Cruising along at a maximum speed of up to 15 km/h (that's 9 mph to you Yanks), this leisure-minded monocycle isn't meant for rush hour commuting, but can be folded up to fit in your car's trunk for a casual ride around the great outdoors. Don't expect to get too far on that sightseeing trek though, as the cycle's battery only lasts for up to an hour. Curious to see this one-wheeler in motion? Then skip past the break for a full video demo.

[Thanks, Angel]