HTC Bliss stops by the FCC dressed in Verizon red (update)

Looking for a little FCC Friday rapture? HTC's rumored "women only" smartphone, the Bliss, just passed through the Commission's gates for a bit of strut and tell. Sporting the model number PI46110, the handset seems destined for a Big Red debut with CDMA 850MHz / 1900MHz bands, WiFi and Bluetooth on-board. The carrier looks to be continuing its recent trend of global-capable phones, as the device also packs a GSM 900MHz radio. While we weren't able to dig out any concrete dimensions for the phone, we'd err on the side of a 4-inch or below display, considering VZW's past dalliances with gender-specific marketing -- no, we haven't forgotten those Pre Plus ads. If that leaked roadmap is any indication, you ladies can expect to see this stylish (we assume) Android 2.3 accessory hit on September 29th.

Update: A Verizon mailer has popped up over at xda-developers, and while the camera placement certainly seems to conflict, some folks are suggesting that what's shown there (and after the break) might just be the first legitimate shot of the Bliss. Here's hoping, right? Thanks, Liam!