Pantech Apache hits the FCC with Verizon LTE

Long-Term Evolution is a party and everyone is invited, but we weren't expecting Pantech to show up so early. Yet the Pantech ADR8995, bearing the name "Apache" as its FCC ID, just made its way through the halls of the Federal Communications Commission -- with LTE band 13 and CDMA in tow. This particular combination of bands, of course, is currently in use by Verizon, which gives us free reign to put two and two together here. The Apache's already received WiFi and Bluetooth certification, the latter identifying it as an Android with North American availability. We can't say with a surety that it will actually be the next 4G device to show up on Big Red (after the Droid Bionic, of course), nor that it will even earn a spot in the hallowed lineup, but things are positively looking up. Whether it shows up or not, it's about time more guests come around and suck down a few cocktails.