Sony Alpha A77 caught sunbathing on a beach, courtesy of mysterious YouTuber (video)

Look away now if you're desperate for a beach holiday, because the above video features a Sony camera chilling out in the sand, before some lucky fella picks it up for a quick snap of the calm sea. Now, the clip doesn't actually indicate which model this camera is, but the video uploader -- with a fresh account hosting just this one video -- simply wrote "Sony Alpha A77?" in the title, along with "Taiwan" in the description. Our gut feeling tells us that this leak comes straight out of Sony's Taiwanese PR team, who's keen to show off this mysterious camera's quick autofocus in live view mode (presumably there's a translucent mirror inside to enable this), as well as its sand-friendly body. That said, the folks should really get that Zeiss lens inspected -- as pointed out by Sony Alpha Rumors, we seriously doubt it shares the same level of protection as the body. Poor thing.

Focusing on the camera again: we only get to see its back, but this alone is enough to prove that we're looking at a never-before-seen model from Sony -- while it sports a similar swivel screen as the A55's (whereas the A560 and A580 only have tilting screens), it also has a different set of buttons. In fact, said button layout is identical to that on the transparent prototype manhandled by Pocket-lint back in March! Combining these factors together, we say this A77 teaser is pretty legit. Now, how about a date and some prices for this 24 megapixel beast, Sony?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Update: The original video's been taken down, but fear not, as we've already thrown in our backup copy. You're welcome.