Sony announcing three NEX lenses on August 24th?

Last month we fell in love with a camera. Specifically, the Sony NEX-C3. We were so enamored with its lilliputian body and stunning image quality that we gave it a "9," declared it nearly perfect and promptly began recommending it to everyone we know. But if there's one thing we thought needed improvement, it was the selection of lenses. Well, it looks like we had nothing to fret about -- a series of leaked shots suggest the outfit's had at least three in the works all along. According to the shots, originally posted in DPReview, we're looking at a 55-210mm / F4.5-6.3 zoom lens and fixed 50mm / F1.8 and 24mm / F1.8 numbers. Though the poster stopped short of revealing any pricing info, he seems confident Sony will announce them on August 24th. Now, while we typically take rumors with a grain of salt, it turns out that the tipster who posted these shots is none other than "Eddieaus," the same guy who splattered forums with pictures of the VAIO Z next to its external Power Media Dock -- the same press photos, in fact, that Sony unveiled days later. So we're inclined to believe NEX loyalists are about to get a few new pieces of glass to play with. And if that rumored August 24th launch date is also on the money, you won't have to wait too long to find out how many pretty pennies they'll cost.