Dell Streak 5 tablet gets the axe

Another would-be "iPad killer" has fallen in battle. The Dell Streak 5 tablet is no more. Despite CEO Michael Dell's insistence that Android tablets will overtake the iPad, sales of the Dell Streak 5 were low enough in the Americas that it's been end-of-lifed in that region.

As Macworld's Macalope points out, at least one pundit (with well-known ties to Dell) once lauded the Streak as "better than an iPad and an iPhone." It does not appear that consumers agreed. The iPad has sold in excess of 30 million units so far, while all Android-running tablets combined have sold less than two million units.

The device is still on sale in other regions (for now), and the Dell Streak 7 is still available. However, with total sales for all Android tablets combined summing less than several semi-obscure 1990s-era video game consoles, it doesn't look like Dell or any other company that's hitched its wagon to Android is going to be overtaking the iPad any time soon.