Is TabCo releasing the JooJoo 2?

All right, TabCo. We admit it. You've grabbed our attention with all of this swirling tablet mystery over the past few months. And yes, we'll be watching today at noon when you make the big reveal. But you couldn't wait for then, could you? The company offered up a German language tweet earlier today that seemed to shed some light on the mystery of who exactly is behind the soon to be announced tablet, teasing, "Introducing the Grid 10." Sound familiar? That's the name affixed to the Fusion Garage tablet we recently saw pass through the FCC -- you know, the JooJoo 2? Of course, the company has distanced itself from that product name for obvious reasons. It remains to be seen, of course, whether TabCo has abandoned all mention of the Fusion Garage name as well, like so many CrunchPad prototypes.

Update: Something fishy seems to be happening over on the official TabCo Twitter account. The first tweet has disappeared, as has a second addressing the Google / Motorola news. We'll update you as more info comes through.

[Thanks, Adriano]