HP's Pre 3 goes up for pre-order in Germany, shipping in '1 bis 2 Wochen'

Remember the Pre 3? The portrait slider HP promised it'd be hawking to webOS fans by the end of summer? Well it might barely make its launch window, but only if you live in the land of the autobahn. Currently live on the Deutsches wing of HP's online store is a pre-order page for the elusive smartphone which'll apparently ship in "one to two weeks." The localized variant is unlocked and comes with a QWERTZ (yes, Z) keyboard instead of the QWERTY we're used to. And, at 349€ (or around $500), the handset is considerably cheaper than when when we first spied it on in May. Taking the plunge? Feel free to send one our way, preferably with bratwurst and rösti in tow, danke.

[Thanks, Andreas]