Logitech's clip-on tablet speaker latches onto your slate for dear life, doubles as a stand

We can swear we feel hints of fall creeping in already, but Logitech just announced a product we would have loved to see at the start of beach season: a speaker bar that clips onto the back of any tablet, effectively turning it into the boombox it wasn't built to be. We know, we know, that barrel of a speaker looks a tad silly next to the likes of the iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1, but we're digging how it doubles as a stand, propping up the slate if, perchance, you're also down for watching a movie. In our brief hands-on, the speaker felt lighter than it looks in those photos down there, and delivered decently loud sound, too. Like we said, we can see this making for a festive old time at the beach or a picnic, though when we asked a Logitech rep about durability he said we might want to shield the speaker from sand. Because this is a wired product (it charges via USB and lasts up to eight hours on a charge), it commands less than the wireless speaker for iPad that Logitech's already shilling. Specifically, we're told it'll cost $49.99, though as of this writing it hasn't popped up in the company's online store, which means those of you unashamed of your Justin Bieber collection will have to just sit tight.