Orange exec welcomes Google's Motorola buy with open arms

Motogoog, Googorola -- whatever phrasing you've landed on, yesterday's giant bit of industry news is sure to draw strong opinions on both sides of the fence. Thus far, we've seen a largely positive responses from the competition, with companies like HTC, Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson issuing fairly uniform statements on the matter. And while US carriers have been pretty quiet on that front, France Telecom-owned Orange is about ready to high five all parties involved. Yves Maitre, an SVP with the company, called the whole thing "great news," suggesting that Mootlegooga (okay, that one probably won't stick) will offer a good bit of competition for the mobile juggernaut that is Apple. The deal, he explained, adds a sort of vertical integration that's all the rage in the industry right now, with companies like Apple and Nokia / Microsoft.