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Verizon embraces Google's Moto Mobility deal, hopes for an end to patent disputes

Android's always had a best friend forever (or, for the time being) in Verizon. Together, the two companies were able to establish Andy Rubin's mobile OS as a serious platform competitor, fighting back against the then threat of AT&T's exclusive iPhone juggernaut with Moto's Droid. Flash forward to present day and it's no wonder Big Red's SVP John Thorne is giving a public-facing, albeit tentative, thumbs up to Google's Motorola Mobility acquisition. Thorne's official line on the deal concerns the "stability [it might bring] to the ongoing smartphone patent disputes," but the executive declined to comment further, citing a lack of known details for the proposed buyout. Certainly, the wireless operator has good reason to keep a close eye on the takeover, as a recent Chitika survey pegs it with a commanding 41 percent share of active Android handsets. So far, only Nokia has come out from behind Microsoft's shadow, hailing the move as a boon for WP7 and casting shade on Google's intentions. As for the rest of the industry, it appears they're all making heavy use of that nifty statement generator. Hit the more coverage link to see what we mean.