Caption Contest: No doubt, these two are definitely made for each other

Ah, yes. We all know that couple... the ones that don't speak to each other at dinner because they're too busy playing Cut the Rope or tweeting. You know 'em: the texting while walking or texting while driving sort of folks. What can we say? Sometimes you're locked in an epic battle you can't walk away from. Perhaps they're anti-social, or maybe they're addicted to tech love -- but what say you?

Billy: "Did you forget our anniversary?" "Our what? Oh, no... of course not."
Zach Honig: "Hug me." "LOL OK BRB."
Darren: "Short-range communication protocols are the best."
Terrence: "Little did he know that his sweetheart was texting her other boyfriend literally behind his back."
Michael: "I thought sexting was only for long distance relationships..."
Sean: "Love is letting your boyfriend save another princess. And helping over WiFi, of course."
Christopher: "Who wears flip flops with a denim jacket?"
Joe: "Ad hoc lovin'."
Richard Lai: "Can't wait to try Dance Central tonight."
Josh: "wePhone."