HP TouchPad fire sale spurs online sell out, brick-and-mortars may still carry stock (updated)

It's the same old story of genius recognized only after death, and thus is the fate of webOS. If you were amongst the opportunistic hordes scavenging the interwebs for last night's bargain bin $99 HP TouchPad announcement, chances are you're fresh outta luck. The L.A. Times is reporting widespread online store sell outs for the recently abandoned and heavily discounted 16GB and 32GB slates. While HP's own site and the biggie online retail outfits, like Circuit City and Walmart, have all but sold out of their web inventory, Amazon's third party sellers still have the tablets on offer -- just at non-discounted prices. Of course, you could always leave the hypnotic glow of your monitor and venture out into the real world where actual, physical stores are purported to have the tabs currently in stock. Try your luck, and let us know how things go in the comments below.

Update: We've been hearing reports that select Best Buy outlets have begun selling their remaining inventory as of this afternoon. Also, it appears RadioShack plans to get in on the discounted fun, as leaked internal memos indicate an impending price cut. If you haven't had any luck snagging one of HP's also-ran tabs, now's your chance.