Refresh Roundup: week of August 15, 2011

Your smartphone and / or tablet is just begging to get updated. From time to time, these mobile devices are blessed with maintenance refreshes, bug fixes, custom ROMs and anything in between, and so many of them are floating around that it's easy for a sizable chunk to get lost in the mix. To make sure they don't escape without notice, we've gathered every possible update, hack, and other miscellaneous tomfoolery from the last week and crammed them into one convenient roundup. If you find something available for your device, please give us a shout at tips at engadget dawt com and let us know. Enjoy!

Official Android updates

  • The HTC EVO 3D is now ready for a maintenance fix called 2.08.651.2, which offers some nice improvements like allowing more Sprint bloatware to be uninstallable by the user, contact transfer via bluetooth, fixes for the lock screen occasionally freezing, and GPS enhancements. This update is available through a manual install. [via SprintFeed]

  • Speaking of the HTC EVO 3D, the bootloader unlock tool is now ready for your enjoyment on the company's fancy new dev site.

  • Android 2.3.4 is finally rolling out on T-Mobile's HTC Sensation 4G, and all users should receive the OTA update by the end of September at the latest. Aside from the standard 2.3.4 enhancements, Sensation 4G owners can also expect better battery life, additional software stability, extra touchscreen responsiveness, and improved "device reboots." Curiously, the refresh also promises better screen and photo resolution. All in all, this is the kind of firmware boost we love to see. (Thanks, Anonymous) [via TmoNews]

  • If you're using a Samsung Fascinate 3G on Telus, you'll be interested to know that you may now have Gingerbread bestowed upon your device. It'll involve a manual install using Samsung Kies, so go to the website to get all the instructions. [via MobileSyrup]

  • The five people enjoying their Motorola Flipside can finally be treated to Android 2.2. Yes, that's Froyo. Go here to get the update manually. [via AndroidCentral]

  • Some Motorola Droid X users complained about bugs after its bump up to Gingerbread, which should be resolved by installing version 4.5.602. It's a simple maintenance fix that throws in a couple additional enhancements at the same time. [via AndroidCentral]

  • HTC Droid Incredible is inching closer to getting upgraded to Android 2.3.4, according to the support page Verizon recently set up on its site. [via Droid-Life]

  • In time for today's launch, Samsung has released the source code for the Conquer 4G. Devs, head here to download it -- you'll know what to do after that. [via Android Police]

  • For everyone who chooses to get the Conquer 4G, it's supposedly set to receive a device security enhancement today as well, according to some leaked screenshots. [via SprintFeed]

Unofficial Android updates/custom ROMs/misc hackery

  • This was fast -- the same bug fix update for the Droid X that we mentioned above has already been rooted. Go to the via for the full details on how to get it. As always, diving into these types of processes are more advanced, and you should follow the instructions to the letter. [via Droid-Life]

  • The MIUI custom ROM is starting to gain a lot of momentum in the Android community, and if you're interested in checking it out on your device without going through the hassle of installing the full version (let alone rooting your phone or buying a MIUI-supported phone), an XDA developer has created a clone of the MIUI launcher and has made an APK available for your downloading pleasure. The via has a large screenshot gallery to check out. [via AddictiveTips]

  • We've seen a lot of leaked Gingerbread ROMs surface for the HTC Thunderbolt, but this time an "official" update has made its ways to the Android dev world. It's been told that this is not yet the final build, so it's bound to get even better with time. Still, the impatient users may want to get this as soon as possible. [via RootzWiki and AndroidCentral]

  • Another build of Gingerbread, EH06, has leaked for the Samsung Epic 4G. [via AndroidCentral]

  • The HTC EVO 4G update to Android 2.3 can now be rooted, courtesy of Revolutionary. [via AndroidCentral]