Happy 10th birthday, WebKit!

As AppleOutsider notes, the WebKit engine that powers both Safari and Chrome, as well as the browsers on the iPhone and the iPad, turned ten years old yesterday. We meant to mark the occasion on the date itself, but unforeseen circumstances forced us to juggle things around a bit. Sorry about that, WebKit. Stop crying and eat your cake!

Of course, the actual code wasn't released to the public until much later, and the project itself wasn't announced to the public until 2003. But if you go back in the repository, you can see the first commit was made ten years ago yesterday.

Ten years later WebKit is found all over the place. It's in various operating systems, every leading mobile browser (and most of the desktop ones), inside Steam's user interface, and some parts of Adobe's creative software. Happy belated birthday, then, to the code that's brought a lot of usefulness to developers and their users, and here's to many more years of use.