Klipsch intros Image S4A in-ears, lets Android users feel the in-line remote love

There's no question Klipsch's S4 in-ear headphone line has some of the best to be had for under $100, yet aside from its iPhone-compatible S4i variant, mobile phone users wanting an in-line remote's benefits were outta luck. Well, it looks like times are a-changin' as an Android-oriented version of the noise-isolating buds, appropriately dubbed S4A, has popped up for pre-order on Klipsch's site. The remote's compatible down to Android 2.1 and appears to be slightly tweaked from the S4i with less buttons, but the specs say it'll work for phone calls, music control and volume adjustment. To make this cake's icing even richer, a Klipsch Control App will also allow for "customized functionality." They're priced at a cool Benjamin with no word on a ship date just yet, but you'll find some robot-clad closeups in the gallery below. %Gallery-131960%
[Thanks, Bjorn and Jason]