World's only turbine-powered Batmobile up for sale on eBay, recession hits Bruce Wayne, too

Remember that Boeing-powered Batmobile we ran across last month? Well friends, it could be yours via eBay auction in about a week. Currently, the highest bid is you can buy it now for $620,000 -- which would be enough to cover the cost of several cars not fit for the Caped Crusader. However, none of those come equipped with a helicopter turbine, now do they? Putsch Racing reminds interested parties that the mean machine is street registered in the US, so you can roll like the Dark Knight without fear of the police pursuing you. An iPad loaded with digital avionics helps you monitor the jet engine, and you can use your choice of three fuel sources to power the thing: Jet A, kerosene, or diesel. Hey now, we never said it was environmentally friendly. If you, like Jay-Z, are "planking on a million," check out the detailed auction shots below and bid on Batman's ride yourself.