Live from Sony IFA 2011 press event

What better way to kick this year's IFA conference in beautiful Berlin, Germany than a good old fashioned Sony press conference? We're getting ready to get things started here, so sit down, grab a beverage and reach for those 3D glasses to read along at home [note: this liveblog is not in 3D].

Photos by Zach Honig.

10:56AM Look for hands-on with all the new products shortly.

10:55AM And that's all she wrote.

10:53AM Ultra-low noise for shooting still images.

10:52AM The NEX-7 has 24.3 megapixels and a newly developed sensor.

10:52AM Precision tracking of moving subjects is crisper than ever.

10:51AM The Alpha A77 enables users to continuous shoot at 12 frames a second.

10:50AM Now moving onto cameras for real.

10:48AM Coming to more countries later this year.

10:47AM Announcing the expansion of the Reader Store into Europe. Opening in the UK in October.

10:47AM The reader is available in October in Europe.

10:47AM Can instantly look up words with built-in dictionary. Can connect to Google and Wikipedia via WiFi.

10:46AM Pinch to zoom and handwriting with fingertips directly onto device.

10:46AM Less than 9mm thick with a touchscreen.

10:46AM Reader Wi-Fi, the world's lightest 6-inch E Ink reader.

10:45AM Will be made available as an optional feature in Europe in October.

10:45AM Vaio S goes glasses-free 3D.

10:45AM The Vaio S series has a 15.5 inch LCD display.

10:44AM Can connect the PlayStation 3 to play 3D games and watch personal 3D content.

10:44AM The latest addition to the VAIO lineup. 24 inch, full HD, the new VAIO LCDs bring entertainment in 3D to your home.

10:42AM Will move into the UK and expanded across Europe in the fall.

10:41AM We have just launched video services in Germany, Poland, France, and Portugal.

10:41AM More than 15 million video streams are watched across Europe every month.

10:40AM 75 percent of our Bravia lineup and 100 percent of our Blu-ray players are network connected.

10:39AM Fujio Nishida president of Sony Europe is taking the stage.

10:36AM We're moving on to cameras now.

10:36AM Music Unlimited adding Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden.

10:35AM Both available now in nine countries.

10:35AM Video on demand will be called Video Unlimited and the music service will be called Music Unlimited. Bye, Qriocity!

10:34AM It's a more streamlined way to enjoy entertainment experience. Will have first and third party apps.

10:34AM Can enjoy entertainment across Sony products.

10:34AM Establishing a comprehensive global platform called Sony Entertainment Network. Home entertainment, mobile, and gaming.

10:32AM New flagship Android-based Walkman.

10:32AM Will debut a new reader at the show.

10:32AM Can take 2D and 3D panoramic images.

10:32AM Coming globally October 2011.

10:31AM Can view content on your Sony Bravia television.

10:31AM The Experia Arc S has a "Reality Display."

10:30AM The tablet P available in Europe in November.

10:30AM Available in Europe from the end of september 479 euros.

10:28AM Cross device connectivity. When a user in in the living room, they can turn on their TV and throw pictures onto the screen.

10:27AM The tablet also has access to Sony's Reader Store for eBooks.

10:27AM Sony Tablet devices are PlayStation Certified. Will be able to enjoy PlayStation 1 games.

10:27AM For film lovers, our premium movie experience.

10:26AM Third: Network Entertainment. A personalized music experience through Music Unlimited.

10:26AM Quick Touch offers a slick and smooth experience when browsing the internet.

10:26AM Quick View lets you view content instantly.

10:25AM Tablets have a "swift and smooth experience."

10:25AM Tablet P has two screens. Can be held vertically to read ebooks.

10:25AM The Sony Tablet S has an enhanced viewing purpose.

10:24AM They have four key features: optimally designed hardware and software.

10:23AM The tablet is simple and easy to use.

10:23AM He has one device in each hand.

10:22AM Ladies and gentleman, the Sony tablet.

10:21AM Continued to work with Google on Google TV.

10:21AM We call it "Sony Convergence."

10:21AM We're continuing to build toward a single network services program and a common interface to deliver an integrated user experience.

10:20AM Everything from TVs, Vaios, PCs, to digital imaging products, and PlayStation.

10:20AM In April, we created the consumer products and services group.

10:19AM The whole of Sony is greater than the sum of its parts.

10:19AM I agree with you that Sony is coming back.

10:18AM Kazuo Hirai is taking the stage.

10:18AM Anything that youn can imagine, we can make real.

10:16AM Mantra is to connect awesome entertainment with awesome devices.

10:16AM Only come company has both artists and engineers in abundance.

10:16AM Sony is where art meets technology.

10:15AM Consumers around the world use 800 million Sony products.

10:13AM Yo will be able to play Uncharted in 3D on your headset.

10:12AM The world's first 3D compatible OLED display headset.

10:12AM A new limited edition Harry Potter reader with free download of first book is coming. This is the first time they will be available as a download.

10:11AM And announcing an exclusive deal with Harry Potter.

10:11AM Will also be seing the Xperia Arc S.

10:10AM It's not who makes it the first that counts, it's who makes it better.

10:10AM Let's start with the tablet.

10:09AM Have seen three million new customers since network came back online.

10:09AM PSN is more secure than ever.

10:09AM A dozen new products. PlyStation Vita, binoculars, and a tablet.

10:08AM The summer of our discontent (hacking, Japan earthquake) is behind us.

10:08AM He hopes an economic miracle will inspire the rest of the world.

10:08AM CEO Sir Howard Stringer is taking the stage.

10:07AM "With Sony, we are connected."

10:07AM Now they're flashing nature images on the screen. Perhaps Sony is introducing a new tree today.

10:05AM Lots of ambient music and color bars at the moment.

10:04AM And the lights are down. Let's get this party started.

9:53AM And we're here, front row center. The decor in here is really, really white.