Magic Numpad turns your Magic Trackpad into a number pad

So you love your sleek, compact Apple wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad, right? Who doesn't? There's not a wire or cable in sight and you're workspace couldn't be more clutter free, functional and oh so pleasing to the eye. Until, that is, that dreadful day comes when you need to do some serious number crunching. In that moment, it's safe to say, you wish you'd gone for Apple's wired keyboard with a numerical keypad built into the side.

Well, thanks to the good folks at Mobee, now you don't have to compromise. For $29.90 you get the Magic Numpad -- a pack of three custom film layouts that you apply to your trackpad. Depending on how intensive the number crunching you're about to do is, you can apply either the classic numpad (that leaves you some tactile surface on your trackpad), the full numpad or the numpad with customizable keys. With the overlays and a free download of Mobee's free Snow Leopard or Lion compatible software, your Magic Trackpad will be transformed into a fully functioning Magic Numpad.

The Magic Numpad is up for pre-order now on Mobee's website. Availability is set for October. Head on over to Mobee's website for all the details.

[Via This is my next]