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Mythos content update includes 23 new dungeons, skill tweaks

Mythos - dungeon entrance

The last time we profiled Mythos on Massively, it was in service of some new content. It's no surprise, then, that Frogster is once again expanding the free-to-play hack-and-slash MMO. This time the new bells and whistles can be found on the Fog Island of Horror, and in case the name didn't drive the point home, it's a pretty scary place.

The isle is home to a horde of ravenous zombies and is the base of operations for two opposing queens. Their majesties Vyle and Neperta make their home on the fog-shrouded island, as do the denizens of 23 new dungeons ripe for the plucking by adventurers from across the realm. Oh yeah, that level cap, previously stuck on a piddling 51? It's been bumped to 55, the better for you to get a handle on some changes to cooldowns and the skill system whilst you're grinding your way through packs of monsters.

Today's Mythos press release also alludes to a massive crafting system overhaul, but since it's a little light on the details where tradeskilling is concerned, you'll just have to log in and see for yourself. Alternatively, you could hit up the official website for more details.