Sony Walkman Mobile Entertainment Player hands-on (video)

You may well have missed it in today's deluge of Sony product announcements, but the company showed off the latest device to carry its age-old Walkman brand. The 4.3-inch handset device runs Android Gingerbread, and is still in its early stages at the moment, carrying the fairly uninspired Walkman Mobile Entertainment Player moniker. The device has an HDMI port that can be used to play things like mobile games on an HDTV. Sony seemed far less interested in that functionality than its Throw feature, however, which offers up wireless transfers to devices like the company's Bravia TV line. We gave it a whirl, and the whole thing was rather painless, even in a setting like Sony's booth, where the place is lousy with Bravia sets. The device, it seems, isn't quite ready for primetime, so we don't have any word on pricing or available yet. Check out a video of the Walkman in action, after the break.%Gallery-132199%