Samsung to sell limited edition, crystal-studded Series 9 laptops

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Samsung to sell limited edition, crystal-studded Series 9 laptops
Well, a very merry early Christmas to you too, Samsung. At the tail end of of the company's PC-focused press conference here at IFA -- an event primarily devoted to the Series 7 Chronos laptop and Windows 7 slate -- its executives announced a rather unforeseen update to the Series 9. No, we're not talking beefier SSDs or a skinnier silhouette. Get ready, friends, because this holiday season our favorite pinch-thin PC is getting decked out in crystals. Hand-applied crystals, guys. The company's going to sell a limited number of these things in "Moonlight Blue," a wintry navy, and "Luxury Rose Gold," a champagne color, with carefully sprinkled bling on the cover. That color extends across the chassis, onto the palm rest and between the keys but blessedly, the fairy dust doesn't make a cameo in the interior. No word on pricing, though we don't expect Paris Hilton Samsung's target customer will care.
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