Toshiba AT200 hands-on (video)

Toshiba knew what we wanted at today's IFA press conference, and naturally, it saved the best for last. The company unveiled its AT200 tablet at the show today, and really, as predicted, the thing does seem like a serious competitor to Samsung's popular Galaxy Tab 10.1. The tablet is quite thin and well-built (it was on lock down, so we can't quite attest to its "lightest" claims), unlike a number of its Android brethren. The brushed metal backing also adds a level of sturdiness lacking in the Galaxy Tab 10.1's plastic rear. More details and a video after the break.

The AT200 runs Android 3.2, and those who love the Galaxy Tab, but aren't huge fans of Samsung's habit of skinning everything with its TouchWiz UI will also find a lot to like in this device, which stays truer to the standard base Android operating system. The 1.2GHz processor sounds downright slow, given all of the 1.4GHz devices rolled out by Samsung earlier, but as we all know you can't compare straight clock speeds these days. Regardless, the machine seemed to handle the basic tasks we ran it through like video playback with a good deal of ease.

Toshiba's got a rather nice device on its hands, a world away from the super chunky Thrive. It may well prove a threat to the Galaxy Tab 10.1, as long as it manages to get the pricing right. No word on release date either yet, but it will likely ship before 2011 is out.

Zach Honig contributed to this report.