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Amazon tablet coming in November for $250?

Much ink has been spilled in the rumor mill about a coming Amazonian tablet, and now those rumors look to be confirmed. TechCrunch has apparently gotten some time with Amazon's slate, and reports that it has a 7-inch, backlit color capacitive screen and is bereft of physical buttons. Apparently, the hardware is already good to go, and Amazon is making the last few software tweaks before it goes on sale this November. The tablet's running a heavily skinned version of Android that was developed without any help from the folks in Mountain View, and it sports a Cover Flow-esque UI. Naturally, it's deeply integrated with all of Amazon's services (Cloud Player, Instant Video Player, Appstore, and of course the Kindle app). Best of all, it will reportedly cost a scant $250 -- not quite TouchPad territory, but well underneath the iPad's $500 price. Let the next great tablet war begin.