Android 2.3.6 begins rolling out to Samsung Nexus S, fixes voice search concerns (update: breaks tethering, too)

If you've been one of the unlucky folks who've been experiencing issues with the voice search on your Samsung Nexus S, fortune may be coming your way this weekend in the form of an OTA update. Android 2.3.6, which aims to fix the voice search bug (other improvements haven't been detailed yet, aside from "security patches"), has officially begun rolling out to the device. The new firmware hasn't been pushed to our devices yet -- attempting a manual check yielded no results either -- but Google is stating that the refresh will likely take a few days to make the rounds. So unless you've been hit hard by the bugs, we doubt you should panic if it takes extra time to reach your phone.

Update: We're getting updates from all over that indicate 2.3.6 is also breaking WiFi and USB tethering across all devices, so this "enhancement" may be something to hold off on for a while until everything gets sorted out -- if it gets sorted out, that is.

[Thanks, Neil]