Samsung's Galaxy Tab 8.9 goes LTE for T-Mobile at IFA

What secret could this Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 hold? Check out the little LTE logo hiding out on the back of the device. Yep, T-Mobile's aggressively magenta-ed out IFA booth was showcasing this beauty, as a way of showing off the European carrier's blazing LTE speeds. Hardware, it seems, was incidental to the company's demos -- but boy howdy do we care.

The T-Mobile reps didn't offer up much in the way of information on that front (in fact, they mostly tried to move us along to the next LTE-capable device for more speed demos), but the company's paperwork highlights the device's 32GB capacity, 1.5GHz dual-core processor and Android 3.2 operating system. The hardware itself should prove quite familiar to anyone who's ever spent time with a Galaxy Tab -- same brilliant glossy screen, same smooth plastic back.

Not much is available, so far as pricing and availability, though the T-Mobile representative that we spoke with believes the thing will be hitting the network in Q4.

Update: is reporting that the Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE will hit German airwaves in December.

[Thanks, TMO_lover]