Haier's transparent organic TV eyes-on (video)

What's the worst thing about your TV? If you said "opaqueness," boy have we got the set from you. This is a 22-inch transparent organic TV from the folks at Haier (you know, the ones who also showed off that mind control TV today). It's a slim display with a metal bezel that has a clear OLED at its center with a 1680 x 1050 resolution. The images appeared pretty sharp on screen, though the colors didn't particularly pop.

And really, this thing isn't likely headed to any living rooms in the near future -- Haier sees it more as an advertising tool, letting shoppers see its images from both sides. The display in its demo form was actually hooked up to a Windows PC, running video through a media player, making this not too unlike that 14-inch Samsung laptop that we saw at CES last year.

The TV is still in its early demo stages, so pricing and availability are a ways off. Video after the break.%Gallery-132590%