How would you change HP's Veer 4G?

We know, there isn't much point, but folks who sank untold Jacksons on one of HP's final webOS devices deserve a chance to vent. And that's exactly what we're giving them. Barring a total 180, there won't actually be a second Veer to suggest changes for, but we're still keenly interested in hearing how you'd change the smallest webOS to ever ship. Back in May, we confessed to having a less-than-enthralling experience with the bantam handset, and while we doubt the company sold a shocking quantity of these, there's no doubt that some of you are pocketing one right now. If that's you, the comments are calling. Would you up the resolution? Ditch the physical keyboard? Change the network? Rethink the form factor entirely? Let us know below, and look, it's cool to cry.