Philips GoGear 3 Android PMP hands-on (video)

One of the fun things about attending a show that's open to the public like IFA is that you tend to get the same pitch from companies as folks walking in off the street. And the pitch with the latest Philips GoGear is quite simple: this is the company's shot at the iPod touch. We swung by the Philips booth to give the thing another spin. The 3.2-inch portable media player has a touchscreen and runs Android 2.3 -- really, it's got most of the basic functionality of a handset, save for the whole calling people thing.

The build on the device is a bit plasticy and certainly can't compare with the touch on that front, though it is quite light and should slip into your pocket easily for a trip to the gym, if you're so inclined. The player also doesn't make the most of potential screen real estate, due to the three large buttons and Philips logo taking up roughly a quarter of the its face -- an odd choice, given the GoGear's touchscreen. The PMP also has three large brass buttons in its side.

The GoGear 3 runs Android apps with ease, flipping through the selection of Google programs without a problem. It's also got Android Market built-in, accessible through its built-in WiFi. That functionality also comes in handy with the company's SimplyShare software, which lets you stream music and video content to other devices.

No word yet on final pricing or availability, though the Philips rep we spoke with said it will likely run around €150 for the 8GB version and €180 for the 16GB.%Gallery-132461%