HP announces an avalanche of all-in-ones, slims down its TouchSmarts (video)

At some point earlier this year, all-in-one desktops became a thing. Companies like Toshiba that had never before taken an interest in the space suddenly started selling 'em, beefing up a market that HP, Dell and Apple had owned for years. You could tell what HP executives were thinking. Months earlier, the outfit had announced its TouchSmart 610 -- you know, the one with the sprawling, tilting display. It's as if the company had to prove it's the real deal when it comes to all-in-ones -- or, at least, that it could come up with something that'll eat up less desk space than the 610.

Okay, we just put a lot of words into HP executives' mouths, but really, what else could this deluge of all-in-ones mean? The company just spat out seven new models for the US market, the highest-end of which have a markedly more minimalist look. The 20-inch TouchSmart 320, 21.5-inch 420 and the 23-inch 520 all boast the kind of free-standing display display you see in that photo up there -- a screen that tilts 30 degrees, and leaves enough space underneath for you to stow the wireless keyboard. The lot have starting prices ranging from $600 to $800, with the highest-end 520 matching the 610, which will still be around for the foreseeable future. Moving along, HP also trotted out the similar-looking 7230, its first TouchSmart for the small business market, along with the Pro 3420, a non-touch model. That will start at $600, with the touchscreen pushing the 3420's price northwards of $850. And, just to make sure it had its bases covered, the company introduced two plain-Jane models, the 20-inch Omni 120 and the 21.5-inch Omni 220, which steps up to Beats Audio, Sandy Bridge processors and a more striking design. These will each be available before the end of the month, starting at $400 and $800, respectively. Oodles of glossy press shots below and a short video after the break. %Gallery-132815% %Gallery-132817% %Gallery-132819% %Gallery-132821% %Gallery-132822% %Gallery-132824% %Gallery-132814% %Gallery-132816%

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HP Introduces All-in-One PCs for Everyone
Company launches largest all-in-one portfolio in its history for consumers and businesses

PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 7, 2011 – HP today revealed its largest investment in the all-in-one desktop PC market to date, unveiling a new portfolio of products that offers consumers, small businesses and enterprises powerful and sleek PCs and award-winning customer service and support.

All-in-one PCs deliver a smaller footprint along with the power and multimedia features expected from a two-piece computing solution. IDC research shows that among commercial PC users worldwide, the intent to purchase all-in-one solutions will rise from 9.9 percent to 15.7 percent in the next 12 months.

Additionally, NPD Group reported that 34 percent of consumer desktop purchases in the month of July were all-in-one PCs. To support this growth, HP offers a broad range of screen sizes and premium features, such as multitouch, to meet the needs and budgetary requirements of every consumer and business.

"The popularity of the all-in-one form factor continues to grow, and HP's contribution to this market is significant," said Todd Bradley, executive vice president, Personal Systems Group, HP. "We continue to expand our portfolio to remain the global leader in Windows-based all-in-one PCs, introducing innovation that matters to business customers and consumers alike."

Affordable, stylish home computing
The space-saving HP Omni series PCs provide an ideal combination of form, function and affordability. Two new models, the 20-inch diagonal HP Omni 120 and 21.5-inch diagonal HP Omni 220 PCs, offer ample storage, built-in speakers and vivid high-definition (HD) displays. They also feature HP LinkUp, which lets users view and interact with content from a notebook PC on the Omni PC. Changes are saved directly to the notebook, so there are no file transfer hassles.

The HP Omni 120 PC features an elegant easel design that integrates up to 750 gigabytes (GB) of hard drive space and a choice of the latest AMD or Intel® processors and graphics.

The HP Omni 220 PC offers a streamlined cantilever design. Select models offer Beats AudioTM and second-generation Intel quad core processors and graphics for a PC that sounds and performs as good as it looks.

The HP TouchSmart advantage
The 20-inch HP TouchSmart 320, 21.5-inch diagonal HP TouchSmart 420 and the 23-inch diagonal HP TouchSmart 520 PCs are designed for consumers who demand a premium multimedia and touch experience. These TouchSmart PCs feature a free-standing display that tilts up to 30 degrees, complementing its environment instead of defining it. The floating form is minimal and elegant with enough space between the stand and display to hide the keyboard when not in use.

The newest version of HP's exclusive TouchSmart software provides the most intuitive, immersive touch experience to date. Users can conveniently access Windows® apps, desktop icons and built-for-touch applications within the same desktop environment. Additionally, users can experience content and programs from a notebook PC on the TouchSmart PC's Magic Canvas with HP LinkUp for a more comfortable, entertaining and productive experience.

Music lovers will enjoy a premium listening experience with integrated Beats Audio technology on HP TouchSmart PCs. The optional HP Pulse Subwoofer, paired with the TouchSmart 520 or 610, adds depth to music, movies and games, filling the room with penetrating bass.

First HP TouchSmart designed for small businesses
The HP TouchSmart Elite 7320 All-in-One Business PC offers small businesses the productivity, reliability and touch technology they need for a competitive edge. The sleek and modern design rotates up to 30 degrees vertically, enabling it to be deployed in very small spaces.

The HP TouchSmart Elite 7320 includes a 21.5-inch diagonal, full HD, widescreen, LED back-lit touch display; second-generation Intel CoreTM i3, i5 and i7 processors; and the HP TouchSmart Suite, providing a powerful computing package that empowers businesses.

The HP TouchSmart Elite 7320 also provides access to the HP Elite Premium Support program, delivering 24/7 Elite-accredited support to maximize return on investment for growing businesses.

Versatility and style in a business all-in-one
The HP Pro 3420 All-in-One is designed for small businesses with demanding workloads looking for a versatile PC that is ready to perform right out of the box. Ideal for customer-facing work environments or businesses with virtual collaboration needs, the HP Pro 3420 is equipped with integrated webcams and premium stereo speakers for instant face-to- face communication with remote employees.

It features a 20-inch diagonal screen and includes the latest Intel Core i3 processors with up to 8 GB of memory and up to 2 terabytes (TB) of storage. It also offers the easy-to-use HP ProtectTools security suite to help secure access and communication of confidential information.

Enterprises choose all-in-ones to engage customers and employees
Enterprise customers from the Ronald McDonald House to Disney choose HP business all-in-one PCs for their sleek design and powerful performance.

HP's recently announced HP 8200 Elite All-in-One Business PC completes the company's new all-in-one portfolio, delivering enterprise, midmarket and public sector customers a no-compromise combination of performance and style.

Featuring second-generation Intel Core vProTM processors, it offers robust performance, enterprise security remote management and easy serviceability, as well as integrated collaboration tools that allow businesses to connect to coworkers at the office, across town or on the other side of the globe.

Pricing and availability
- The HP Omni 120 PCs are expected to be available on Sept. 21 in the United States at a starting price of $399.99.
- The HP Omni 220 PCs are expected to be available on Sept. 11 in the United States at a starting price of $799.99.
- The HP TouchSmart 320 PCs are expected to be available on Oct. 2 in the United States at a starting price of $599.99.
- The HP TouchSmart 420 PCs are expected to be available on Sept. 11 in the United States at a starting price of $699.99.
- The HP TouchSmart 520 PCs are expected to be available on Sept. 11 in the United States at a starting price of $899.99.
- The HP Pulse Subwoofer is expected to be available on Sept. 21 in the United States at a starting price of $149.99.
- The HP TouchSmart Elite 7320 PCs are expected to be available on Sept. 21 in the United States at a starting price of $850.
- The HP Pro 3420 PCs are expected to be available in October in the United States at a starting price of $599.