iCloud Communications drops lawsuit against Apple, decides to change name instead

iCloud Communications seemed mighty confident back in June, when it filed a lawsuit against Apple over the name of Cupertino's online storage service. But the Arizona-based company has now dropped the suit altogether, opting to change its own name, instead. On Thursday, the VoIP provider filed a notice of voluntary dismissal with a US District Court, effectively bringing an end to litigation. CNET is also reporting that the company appears to have changed its name to Clear Digital Communications -- a firm that, according to its Facebook page, is located at iCloud's exact same Phoenix address. A wall post from last month, moreover, reads, "iCloud is now Clear Digital Communications," while iCloud's site,, now displays a message confirming that "this website is coming soon." Neither Apple nor the ostensibly erstwhile iCloud have commented on the development, but it certainly looks like the clouds of controversy have cleared away.