Silverback's Starke city bikes charge your gadgets, firm your thighs

Cyclists have a lot to be proud of -- what with their terrific gams, above average lung capacity and eco-friendly locomotive choice. But tech isn't exactly an area that falls under their outdoors-y province, unless they're sporting one of Silverback's Starke bicycles. The line of city bikes offers up four models for the two-wheel enthusiast, but it's the Starke 1 and 2 that's caught our gadget-obsessed attention. Included in the head tube of either bike's frame is a USB port powered by a hub dynamo that'll play nicely with any of your low-voltage devices. If you're looking for an electric motor-assisted cruise, you'll have to opt for the Starke 1, but otherwise both nine-speeders share the same nickel alloy frame and weigh in at roughly 30lbs. Sound like your kind of 21st century ride? Then hit the source link below for your personal Tour de high-tech bikes.