Droid Bionic gets extended battery treatment, proudly struts its freshman 15 (video)

As you're aware, the Droid Bionic features a 1735mAh battery that provides a slight bump in capacity over its competition -- namely the Droid Charge and Thunderbolt. Still, if you plan to push this LTE powerhouse beyond moderate usage, you'll likely find yourself in a feverish hunt for wall outlets before the day is through. Now, Android Central gives us a peek at the Bionic's extended battery, and so long as you're willing to live with the (super obvious) protrusion, you'll find the latest Droid riding high with a 2760mAh cell. Perhaps it's not the sleekest solution in the world, but hey, at least it's not quite so insulting as the extended battery on Verizon's first LTE handset -- take a peek at the video after the break for a comparison.