Is Motorola joining the Facebook phone bandwagon with its EX225?

A funny thing just happened over at the Bluetooth SIG's website: the group may have just outed Motorola's first Facebook phone. As Unwired View rightfully points out, the EX225 is likely a feature phone that's based on BREW, as Android's navigation buttons are nowhere to be found. The handset offers two variants, one that supports dual-SIMs and another that accommodates only one. Further, a nearly identical version, the EX226, is displayed in a separate listing that lacks the notorious "F" button. Both models share a common 2.4-inch TFT-LCD display, a 3 megapixel camera and five row QWERTY keyboard -- along with a sizable protrusion at the bottom rear of the device. That's all we have for the moment, but it seems that the Status shouldn't be too concerned about this Moto.