Sealander amphibious trailer lets you (kinda) rough it on the water (video)


With a name like the Sealander Amphibious Camping Trailer, it's pretty clear what you're getting yourself into. This German-designed trailer does double duty as both a place to rest (for those who think roughing it is not having TiVo) and a lake-worthy water vessel. The ultra-light, waterproof hitch rider can be towed by almost any vehicle -- even those cutesy sub-compacts its European creators seem to love so much. And, once you're in the water, a small electric motor ensures you won't have to wait for the currents to carry you back to shore. The Sealander should become available in early 2012 in a variety of configurations, with an expected price of about €15,000 (around $24,000). Of course, for the same cash you could probably just buy a small camping trailer and a separate boat, though that lacks the cool convergence factor. Check out the epic demo video below.