Sinch takes aim at headphone tangles, we go hands-on

The Sinch is not much to look at, we'll give you that, but it is rather an interesting little thing. Intended to keep your headphone cable a little more tidy, it's just a couple of slender magnets encased in a rubber band with a hole punched on one end. It's a remarkably simple design, and a surprisingly effective one, too. We got a chance to wrap our cables around one, so read on for some quick impressions.

The simple packaging for the Sinch doubles as an instruction manual, a few pictures showing you how to use the thing. Spoiler alert: you stick the business end of your headphone cable in through the hole on one end, then wind the rest around your phone or player like normal, leaving the Sinch wedged in between the cable and the device. When you've wrapped enough, clap one magnetic end of the thing over to the other and, hey presto, your cabled life just got a little tidier. If your device has a metal case (hello, iPod touch) it's even more effective, but even on the plastic-backed Droid Charge it worked like a charm.

The Sinch is the product of a collaboration between Dune Road Design and Frog (the company behind the recent dual-screened Android prototype we gave you an early look at), and while it isn't necessarily more effective than the myriad other cable organizers out there, the big advantage here is size: the Sinch is so small and light you won't even notice it. You might notice the cost: $15.99, which seems steep for a hunk of rubber and a couple little lodestones. $9.99 would have been more appropriate, but if you hate tangles and like traveling light, give it a go. Or, if you don't mind making a little more noise, there's always Velcro.

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The Sinch Invades North America Aiming to Rid the World of Cord Chaos

Smart Device Assistant, Designed by frog, Uses the Magic of Magnets to Keep Headphones Organized

NEW YORK, September 12, 2011 – When it comes to managing their messy headphones, Americans want a better way to live tangle-free. In fact, a recent survey* of more than 2,000 adults shows that 88 percent wish there was a way to keep their headphone cords from tangling. The survey, commissioned by Dune Road Design LLC, maker of the Sinch, also revealed that more than two-thirds of wired headphone users are frustrated by tangled cords and more than half spend at least a minute per day untangling their cords. Fortunately, the Sinch-a new, high-design answer to the problem of keeping smart device cords tangle-free-is now available for purchase in black or white for $15.99 through Facebook and Additional colors and new, complementary products will be available shortly.

"The Sinch was founded out of a moment of pure tangled frustration," said Wayne Rothbaum of Dune Road Design and inventor of the Sinch. "I knew this was a problem that many people face, especially those who take pride in the quality and appearance of their personal electronic devices."

The secrets of the Sinch lie in its design; an elastic band encapsulates magnets that attach to the audio plug on any smart device headset. Users can then do what they naturally do – wrap their headphones around their device then secure the cords with the Sinch. Unlike other products, this is the only headphone organizer that keeps cords connected to the device for convenient access, but still allows users to remove and store their bundled cords. The sleek and simple design, created by leading innovation firm frog, makes it lightweight, low-profile and transferable to multiple devices.

"At its core, the Sinch product is a great example of how frog designers and engineers work together with clients to solve an everyday problem – in this case, tangled headphone cords – with an innovative, elegant solution," said Robert Curtis, executive director of product design at frog. "We are thrilled by our collaboration with Dune Road Design, which extends beyond the design of the product itself. We worked closely with the company from early ideation to product industrialization."

The marketing campaign promoting the launch of the Sinch continues to generate buzz online. Consumers can see the "Invasion of The Sinch" unfold by following the fictitious investigative reporter, Rick Sims of The Sims Report, who keeps the public informed on strange happenings through a video series, Twitter account, and detailed blog. Taking a cue from classic horror and science-fiction films, the Invasion campaign plays up the dangers caused by cord tanglement and introduces consumers to the Sinch in a surprising way.

To learn more about the Sinch and experience the Invasion, please visit its social channels: Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

* This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Interactive on behalf of Dune Road Design LLC. Harris Interactive polled 2,148 adults ages 18 and older from August 2 through 4, 2011. This survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated. For complete survey methodology, including weighting variables, please contact Lauren Begley at

About The Sinch

The Sinch is a new brand dedicated to good design and smart engineering. The product line from Dune Road Design LLC aims to protect and organize personal electronic devices. The first product is a smart device assistant that keeps headphones safe, snug and tangle-free. For more information, visit