Apple allegedly 'open' to restoring discontinued MobileMe features

As part of the MobileMe transition to iCloud, several of MobileMe's features are being discontinued, including iWeb hosting, Gallery, iDisk, and a handful of syncing services. An AppleInsider reader emailed Apple CEO Tim Cook to complain about the deprecation of iDisk and syncing services for application preferences and keychains.

Instead of receiving an email response, the reader allegedly received a phone call from Cook's office saying that while those services aren't currently planned to be making the transition to iCloud, "Apple is open to it if there's enough feedback on the subject."

There's no way to verify the legitimacy of this phone call, but it does align nicely with a trend we've been noticing since Tim Cook took over as CEO -- Apple seems a bit more open to serious consideration of user suggestions and criticisms than it's been in the past.