BlackBerry Bold 9790 Bellagio photographed in the wild, poses for family portrait

If you haven't yet snagged one of RIM's two newly refreshed Bold devices, you might want to hold off for the runt of the litter. Originally leaked back in May, the Bellagio 9790 borrows the bumped-up specs of its recently unveiled cousins, while staying true to the slimmed-down form factor of its 9700 predecessor. The leaked shots over at BGR show the diminutive portrait QWERTY next to the 9900, clearly showcasing the former's likely 2.4-inch touchscreen, optical trackpad and 5 megapixel rear-facing camera. We already know this phone's destined to ship with BlackBerry 7 OS, but as for the rest of the feature list, expect it to pack 8GB of storage, NFC-capability and a 1.2GHz processor. Of course, rumors being what they are, this could all very well change before the handset's purported end of year launch. Curious to see more? Then hit up the source link below for additional in-the-wild shots.