Windows 8 Store to sell both Metro-style apps and conventional Win32 programs

Oh, sure -- you've already started digging into the upcoming Windows Store (or, at least what it'll deliver), but Microsoft just revealed a cute little nugget about its future functionality here at Build 2011. In keeping with its mantra of making Windows 8 a one-size-fits-all affair, the Store will be home to both Metro-style apps (useful for tablets and desktops alike) as well as traditional Win32 programs. You know, like Quicken. The outfit is hoping for this to provide more visibility for the programs that we all grew up on, and so long as the categorization is under control, we're all for it.

Not surprising, given that there's "no overlay" here. Whatever you see, it's "all Windows." The company's playing up its flexibility for coders, with a full spate of supported coding options explained in graphical detail just after the break.

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