LG Marquee for Sprint hands-on (video)

Sprint shone some light on the latest mystery handset from LG earlier today -- and what a bright light it is indeed. The Marquee's four-inch NOVA display is one of the brightest on the market -- it's a sort "we can't technically say it's the brightest, but it's certainly up there" situation. Screen aside, this is a slick and skinny Gingerbread handset. It's got a large display, but it feels nice in the hand. There's a 1GHz processor inside, so it's certainly not the most powerful phone we seen, but it felt quite zippy during our time with it. The carrier will be offering the phone up for pre-sale on September 20th -- those who get in early will start receiving their phones on September 29th. Everyone else will have to wait for October 2nd. The handset will run $100 with a two-year contract. Check out a hands-on video after the jump.%Gallery-133816%

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