New LotRO screens show off Isengard items, legendary weapons

Lord of the Rings Online - legendary weapons

Something draws near, we can feel it. That something is Lord of the Rings Online's Rise of Isengard expansion (hey, at least it wasn't another "they're taking the hobbits to Isengard" joke). Anyhow, the new content debuts in two short weeks, and Turbine has sent out some new screenshots to keep the hype machine rolling merrily along.

Today's batch shows off some of the new gear and items to be had as the Fellowship inches closer to Mordor (and thousands of players follow in their wake). Of particular note are the spiffy new legendary weapons that you can see in our gallery below.

Rise of Isengard will be available on September 27th, and the patch offers three new explorable regions, a level cap increase (to 75), and a new 24-man raid. More info is available at the official LotRO website.