NVIDIA's Kal-El reference tablet running Windows 8 at Build (eyes-on)

This may not be the first the world's seen of NVIDIA's Kal-El reference tablet running Windows 8, but it does mark our first up-close and (sort of) personal run-in with the much ballyhooed quad-core ARM processor powering the equally anticipated OS. As we reported yesterday, NVIDIA's just launched its Windows 8 developer program, in eager anticipation of the new operating system's release. That eagerness carried over into our short sit down with the outfit's spokesperson, who wasn't giving us much in the way of details. However, he did give us a clue about future benchmarks: NVIDIA expects to see significant battery life gains on Kal-El notebooks -- as in days, not hours. Unfortunately, the reference tablet on display was locked away in a plexiglass cell, but we did manage to grab a few shots of the now familiar device running Microsoft's latest. Those, as you can see, are in the gallery below. %Gallery-133774%