Bentley demos 100,000 euro Executive dual-iPad interior for Mulsanne, we take a seat (video)

Lots of people do lots of things to make their cars and interiors more distinctive, but when Bentley does something to make the interior of one of its cars stand out, you know it's going to be special. And expensive. Welcome to the Executive Interior Concept, inserted in the Mulsanne. The Mulsanne is a big, luxurious auto with a twin-turbo V8 slung out front, and with this very special (100,000 euro option) package the interior's received some twin-augmentation as well: two iPads. Join us as we get comfortable.

Let's start in the trunk, where you'll find a Mac Mini installed. This is connected to an LCD that pivots down from the ceiling in the interior, controlled by a Magic Trackpad that sits in between the rear seats, slotted neatly into a little leather pouch. (There's a keyboard tucked in there too.) And that's just the beginning.

Press a button in the center console and a wood-encased tray gently folds down from the back of the seat in front -- there's one in each. Once folded down you can hit another button on the right side and the tray automatically (and noisily) splits in two, exposing an iPad 2 in the top and a Bluetooth keyboard in the bottom. From here you can make some last-minute adjustments to your hostile takeover proposal -- or maybe play a little Angry Birds -- while Jeeves up front whisks you in comfort to the office.

Right now this is just a concept and it's unclear whether Bentley will actually offer the thing, but if it does you'd again be looking at a cost of 100,000 euro. That's on top of the 250,000 the car itself will set you back, of course. Start saving.