PlayStation Vita's slick augmented reality demoed in Reality Fighters, we go hands-on (video)

Back in January, we caught a glimpse of a hilarious PS Vita title dubbed Reality Fighters, and as the name suggests, it's a Street Fighter-like game that makes use of the device's augmented reality feature. Well, SmartAR, to be precise, which has already been proven to deliver slick AR in large space without the need of a marker, and that's exactly what we experienced earlier today at TGS 2011.

What happens in this game is that you can first create your own fighting avatar -- not only does it let you map your face using either camera on the Vita, but there's also a whole range of body shapes, facial features, weapons and fashion accessories to add to your character. Once you have your fighter ready, you then have three options: use the current surroundings as your battle backdrop, or use one of the many default backdrops (and the final version of the game will allow players to create their own backdrop), or use a marker. We only managed to try the first two AR modes with the brief hands-on time we had, but both worked seamlessly for us -- see for yourself in our hands-on video above.

Surprisingly, this game only uses just one of the four CPU cores on the Vita! But then again, we've already seen SmartAR running smoothly on the Xperia Arc, which goes to show how relatively little number crunching power is required for SmartAR. Expect to see this funny game to come out in February.